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The Rachel Pedraza Dewey Scholarship

ECOC, Inc. is offering its first scholarship for an educator-The Rachel Pedraza Dewey Scholarship is available to an educator who is seeking funding for professional development or is seeking financial assistance to enhance the classroom experience of their students.

Rachel Dewey was a 
teacher, mentor, and visionary leader. Rachel had a passion and heart to teach and help. Her enthusiasm, in and out of the classroom, was an inspiration to 100’s of students, friends, and family here in the United States, in Africa, and in South Korea. This scholarship in her memory will be used to inspire teachers to reach their potential and to increase their love of teaching and learning.

Application Instructions:

  1. Download the instructions
  2. Review the evaluation criteria
  3. Prepare your proposal
  4. Upload your proposal

There are currently three scholarship opportunities for students. A link to instructions is included under each scholarship description below. Select the application link below to submit an application for any of the scholarship opportunities for students.

ECOC 11th Annual Theme Scholarship (Our Future, Our Choice)

Strubb-Heer "Fairness For All" Scholarship 

George Harris Memorial Scholarship

Student Scholarship Application Background Information

2018 ECOC Essay Rubric

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Student Scholarship Application Process

  1. Download the instructions for the appropriate scholarship from the links above.
  2. Review the selection criteria and FAQs from the links above.
  3. Prepare your essay or presentations.
  4. Submit your application online (same form for all scholarships)

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Since 2008, we have awarded over $140,000 in scholarships and educational gifts. We have also given away over 140 laptops.