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Jan 13, 2024

Every year, we gather at Colorado College in Colorado Springs to educate and discuss solutions to dismantling the cradle-to-prison pipeline.


The Educating Children of Color Summit provides a unique opportunity for educators, juvenile justice, and child welfare professionals to enhance their ability to retain and inspire the students they serve. It is also an opportunity for high school students to learn about themselves while they explore higher education

Save the Date

We are looking for presenters! 

We value different perspectives and encourage professionals from various backgrounds to share their knowledge and stories surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion and their vital impact on the disparity in youth incarceration. 

You don't have to be a keynote speaker! We provide a number of breakout sessions where you can important life skills to enhance participants' emotional intelligence, grit, and perseverance.


We are also looking for community professionals to introduce career opportunities to help  broaden the scope of possibilities for our youth attendants.

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Leadership Presentation
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I learned about having compassion and understanding that minorities can be in any career.

Summit Participant

To date, we have awarded $500,000+ in scholarships and 250+ computers to our youth participants. 


To be elgible for scholarships, you must attend the Summit, and apply via the scholarship application form. 


Sieze the opportunity to pursue and continue your education. You are worthy!


A majority of our scholarships are for high school and college students. We have multiple opportunities to align with your interests!


Our deadline for submissions is in December of 2023. Start writng now, it comes up quick!


Fueling the fire of justice and closing opportunity gaps for all people.


Igniting resilience, courage, and endless possibilities.


Illuminating minds, unlocking potential, and paving brighter pathways.

Summit Impact

  We are a feedback-driven organization 

we pride ourselves in collecting feedback and tracking metrics. The overall 2023 Summit evaluation was completed by Pai Kelley, a Colorado College Bonner Fellow, resulted in the following findings: 


2023 Summit Participants

Between the 100+ volunteers, 80+ speakers, and 1,142 participants (big and small) our Summit was comprised of close to 1,500 people — learning about our mission and how to accomplish our vision.


Found the Summit beneficial

In our quest to create an exceptional experience, we curate a dynamic lineup of speakers and topics that we're confident will enrich our participants. Year after year, we raise the bar, customizing our schedule to better serve our valued attendees.

4.5 of   5

Rating from participants! 

We're committed to enhancing our program team. Our vision is to strike the perfect balance—making it both challenging and engaging while delivering a profoundly educational experience. Together, we'll make it even better.

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