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Audience and Lecturer

Diversity University

July 2024

Our two-part Diversity University program was designed to increase justice by helping individuals to address their bias and leverage their power to address problems of disparate treatment and outcomes for young people. 

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 Diversity University I 

July 15th-19th 2024

The purpose of Diversity University I is to provide inclusion and diversity training to improve the ability of professionals and the community to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population. Diversity University is designed to increase equity and justice by helping individuals address their biases and leverage their power to address problems of disparate treatment of individuals..

 Diversity University II 

July 29th-31st 2024

Diversity University II takes participants on a deeper exploration of inclusion, diversity, and equity. This program equips individuals with advanced tools and strategies to address complex challenges within their communities and organizations. Participants delve into intricate topics such as implicit bias, systemic inequality, and cultural competence, gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to effect meaningful change..

Conference Event
 Words are inadequate to describe this experience.  Not easy to go thru emotionally, but it was Transformational


DU Participant

Waving Confidently


You will receive inclusion and diversity training to improve your ability to respond to the needs of a culturally diverse population.

CLE Hours

Participants are eligible for 20 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours.


You are also eligible for graduate credits from Adams State University!

Contact Hours

You can also receive 40 contact hours for Colorado Department of Education (CDE) licensure.

Diversity Univesrity Impact

  We are a feedback-driven organization 

we pride ourselves in collecting feedback and tracking metrics. The overall 2023 Diversity University evaluation was completed by over 200 participants!

40% Increase


At the culmination of the week-long versions of Diversity University, participants were asked to rank their KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, and COMFORT before the week and how they ranked that knowledge at the end of the week. They were asked to use a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is clueless and 5 is fully enlightened. 


The increase in KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, and COMFORT reported by the participants was 40% or more in all categories except for comfort in negotiating a culturally sensitive plan (educational, legal, or medical), and comfort in addressing cross-cultural conflicts in communication. The increase in comfort in both of those areas was 39%. 

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