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Group Seflie

Join the Movement

Corporations, Small businesses, and companions join us in making a difference by becoming a sponsor at one of our four distinctive levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Choose the level that aligns with your organization's social impact goals; together, we can create lasting change. Get in touch with us to explore sponsorship opportunities and be part of our transformative journey.


As a Platinum sponsor, your support will propel us toward our mission, offering maximum exposure and recognition.


Gold sponsors will receive prominent visibility and exclusive benefits at our Summit and various events. 


Silver sponsors will enjoy valuable acknowledgments and wide-ranging reach.


Even as a Bronze sponsor, your contribution will have a significant impact on our initiatives.


Fueling the fire of justice and closing opportunity gaps for all people.


Igniting resilience, courage, and endless possibilities.


Illuminating minds, unlocking potential, and paving brighter pathways.

Become a Sponsor

Join us in our pursuit to break the cycle of systemic injustice affecting our communities. Become our sponsor at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level today. Together, we can go beyond achieving corporate goals and realize our collective responsibility of building a better society. Contact us to explore the many benefits of partnering toward our shared vision.

All Hands In

Our Impact

With the help of the partners, donors, volunteers, and more

we have been reaching new heights as an organization. It is important we practice maximum transparency as we expand our horizons to reach more students, educators, and other professionals across Colorado's education landscape.


While it is challenging to measure the actual, intrinsic impact we are making on the lives of our participants, we are proud to report these metrics:


Major Sponsors in 2023

We pride ourselves in the partnerships we make with corporate entities and foundations across the state. With their help our fight to dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline through education becomes more attainable.


Awarded Scholarship Funds 

Our scholarship fund continues to grow year after year, and, to date, we've granted close to $628,000 in scholarship funds to students who participate in our programs like Leadership Academy. 


2024 Summit Participants

Between the 100+ volunteers, 80+ speakers, and 1000 participants (big and small) our Summit was comprised of more than 1,000 people — learning about our mission and how to accomplish our vision.

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